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Πολιτική χρήσης


We invest a lot of effort, time, money and individual creativity in our products and that hard work’s protected by copyright.

So permission is needed before reproducing our content. We do give permission, for example to educational institutions and non-profit organisations, and we also license it to other businesses (which is why you’ll sometimes see our content on other websites). In all cases, we require that we’re acknowledged as the owners of that content.

There are times when permission to use content is not needed (for instance, fair dealing for the purposes of criticism or review, or if you’re just quoting a snippet). And obviously we don’t own the kind of information that anyone can dig up (like opening hours or train timetables). But we most certainly do own the choice of words we’ve used, our maps and images, and the outcomes of they way we compile information or data. If you’re interested in licensing our content, contact Lonely Planet Client Solutions.

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Σχόλια/ Δυνατότητες χρήσης

Πρέπει να ζητήσουμε άδεια – αντικατάσταση από open street map

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