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What do I need to know about copyright clearance?

Bridgeman Images is the copyright holder, or authorised representative of the copyright holder, for all photographic transparencies in Bridgeman Images. However, there can be multiple copyrights for an image we provide to you. For example, our photograph may be in copyright, but so also might the painting which has been photographed. When an image is in copyright it means that you will need to contact the artist or their (estate) or representative (such as a collecting society, agent or lawyer) for permission to use the image, in addition to obtaining reproduction permission from Bridgeman Images based upon your specified use.

You should allow as much time as possible to clear artist permissions. It is also advisable to decide upon a “reserve” image in case you are not able to clear permission for your first choice. Expect to pay a fee for clearance and some artists and estates will also ask to approve colour proofs before you go into production.

While it is your responsibility to clear these additional rights before reproducing your chosen image, we will do everything we can to help this process. (


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