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Πολιτική χρήσης

3. LIMITED LICENCE You are granted a limited licence to download material contained on this website to a personal computer for the purpose of selecting your requirements for processing through our on-line purchase system.

Any other uses of any or all the materials on this website including reproduction modification distribution or republication is strictly prohibited and is a violation of our proprietary rights. We and as the case may be the Image Owner’s suppliers, our suppliers, the Image Owner and Licensors retain all right title interest and intellectual property rights. You may not distribute sell or transmit any material and you are not permitted to alter modify or adapt the material including but not limited to translating decompiling reverse engineering or creating derivative works of the software and all copyright trade mark and other proprietary notices displayed on any item must remain intact (


Σχόλια/ Δυνατότητες χρήσης

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