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Πολιτική χρήσης

Many photographs of artworks seen via ArtLex are owned by individuals and institutions which have produced them, and thus hold the rights to these photographs to be used in reproduction. So, we suggest you contact the individual or institution which owns the work. ArtLex cannot and does not grant any of its visitors permission to use the digital code for any image found on or through ArtLex if ArtLex does not own that image. An exception is that a visitor may temporarily display those images on the visitor’s monitor. A visitor who wishes to copy any image found on the web should contact the webmaster of the site from whose server the image originates. For more information on the use of others’ images, see the sections below, and the article on copyright within ArtLex. It has several links to other copyright sites on the Web.


Σχόλια/ Δυνατότητες χρήσης

Πρέπει να ζητήσουμε άδεια

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